W99 Rod

Introducing the W99 Tungsten Electroplated Polished Rod

The hardest and most durable polished rod on the market. 

The W99 Rod will eliminate most time consuming seal change-outs, rod replacements, oil seal seepage, and packing blowouts.

Why Tungsten?

double the density of steel

Highest tensile strength as alloy

High melting point of 3442ᴼC

Tungsten electroplating results in electrodepositing tungsten ions on and inot the alloy resulting in 100% coverage.

W99 vs. Yesterday's Rods

Independent laboratory analysis of our W99 Rods are available upon request.

Specifications/Available Sizes


  • 22 foot rod
  • 26 foot rod
  • 30 foot rod


  • 1 1/2 inches
  • 1 1/4 inches

Optional 2K10 Series Stuffing Box Cone Seals

Our 2K10 Stuffing box cone seals are superior to existing conventional cone seals on the market. A diagonal cut allows a better seal with less leakage. Square edges also provide a more effective seal.