Adoil Inc.

Introducing the TITAN Wellhead Containment System

Suitable for all oil wells and is paramount in environmentally sensitive areas.  Wellhead containment proves to be both cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

  • Powder coated aluminum base
  • 360 degree transparent, UV resistant polycarbonate top
  • High level shutdown switch
  • Stainless steel fittings



The basin consists of a powder coated aluminum base, which makes it lightweight and corrosion resistant.  Fittings consist of a stainless steel 304 ball valve and butterfly clamps.  Adaptors to the basin allow it to be custom fir to any stuffing box.

  • Internal diameter 8"
  • External diameter 15"
  • Height 6.5"
  • Capacity 10L


Thermoformed and cut from high impact polycarbonate, the tops are highly durable.  Heat deflection temperature is 132C at 264 PSI.  Sizes are chosen based on clearance or the presence of a rod lubricator.

  • Regular top diameter of 15", height of 11" and weight of 2 lbs.
  • Extended top diameter of 15", height of 20" and weight of 3 lbs.
  • Shorty top diameter of 15", height of 7" and weight of 2 lbs.


  • Rating 4A at 250 VAC
  • Operating temperature -52C to 135C
  • Maximum working pressure 30 PSI
  • Mounting adaptor 1/2" NPT brass
  • Case:  aluminum (explosion proof)
  • Enclosure rating:  UL and CSA listed for class 1 groups C&D; class II, groups F&G; hazardous locations


An optional rain drain can be purchased to sit on top of the TITAN, which will reduce the amount of rainwater that collects in the reservoir.  This reduces the frequency the reservoir must be drained.


Dual Pack Stuffing Box

Single Pack Stuffing Box

The TITAN unit is designed to mount directly to the base of a dual-pack stuffing box.  No adapter is required.

When using a single-pack stuffing box, the TITAN unit mounts directly to the flow-tee using an adapter.


For tubing size 2 7/8", the adapter is pre-installed and for tubing sizes of 2 3/8" or 3", a custom adapter is required.

Other Stuffing Boxes

Adapters can be customized to fit the TITAN unit to all types of stuffing boxes in the oil industry.  ADOIL's technical team will need to know the name/type of stuffing box, dimensions and photo (if possible).

TITAN Installation