Adoil Inc.

Predator Tools Downhole Separators

Predator Tools Downhole Separators and Adoil Inc. have simplified our approach to downhill gas/sand separation using 6′ pup joints for easier shipping. The capacity of our separators allows for fluid production in your well up to 2,500 bbl/day and beyond. No more gas locking, fluid pound, cavitation or sand scouring issues with your pumping system. Maximize your well’s capacity and your company’s profitability.

The Predator Sand Separators work with a combination of multiplied cross-sectional area and fluid velocity control. These Separators can be run with/without wellbore isolation and with/without tailpipes and mud joints.

These are the best downhole sand separators on the market. Contact us to find out more about how they can increase your pump life and maximize your well’s capacity.